Upcoming UAV Rules of India

What we can expect from Upcoming UAV Rules ?

In 2014, DGCA banned the use of UAV,Drones across the country irrespective of anything. As per the circular :

UAS has potential for large number of civil applications. However, its use besides being a safety issue, also poses security threat. The Airspace over cities in India has high density of manned aircraft traffic. Due to lack of regulation, operating procedures/ standards and uncertainty of the technology, UAS poses threat for air collisions and accidents. The civil operation of UAS will require approval from the Air Navigation Service provider, defence, Ministry of Home Affairs, and other concerned security agencies, besides the DGCA. DGCA is in the process of formulating the regulations (and globally harmonize those) for certification & operation for use of UAS in the Indian Civil Airspace. Till such regulations are issued, no non government agency, organization,  or an individual will launch a UAS in Indian Civil Airspace for any purpose whatsoever.

Following rules could be expected from upcoming UAV Rules of India :

  • Minimum age for flying a UAV/Drone shall be 18 years.
  • A Permit or License similar to Pilot’s license will be required to fly a Drone.
  • It will be banned nearby Airports.
  • It is likely to be restricted above 500 feet.
  • The flyer should always be in line of sight with the UAV/Drone.
  • Take Prior permission if you are flying on someone’s else property.


Across the World ,rules for drone are either published or under process.FAA has recently allowed some film makers for testing the drones during film shooting.

Drones could be used for following purpose :

  • Aerial Survey
  • Aerial Photography
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Search & Rescue
  • Gas & Drug Detection
  • Monitoring of huge infrastructure like tall buildings,wind mill,under flyovers etc.


Drone rules in india

Drone rules in india

UAV Rules of India.


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