Vistara Air inducts first aircraft

Vistara Air :

“Try and Try until you succeed”- TATAs have proved it again. After Air India, Tatas wanted to start a airline in India, after failing for two times ,Tatas launched Vistara Air which is a joint venture between TATAs and Singapore Airlines.

Vistara has faced many hurdles from aviation regulator DGCA for various things. However after clearing all the hurdles . Vistara has got their first aircraft in India.



The aircraft is Airbus A-320 with a call sign VT-TTB . Vistara has leased 20 new aircraft from BOC Aviation Pte . CEO of Vistara Phee Teik Yeoh
said “With such a fabulous start, we are certain that Vistara will herald a flying experience second to none in the Indian skies.”

Vistara Air is under the process of getting the operations manual approved from DGCA at the earliest. Vistara Air wants to start the operations before Diwali in order to have a great launch.

CEO said At the last minute, DGCA revoked the permission it had granted to fly the aircraft to India, saying the airline’s operational manuals were not approved. Due this the operations have delayed which is ultimately adding to its cost. Even when DGCA gave the permission, they didn’t give RNAV flying permission. In absense of RNAV permission, the aircraft had to fly belown Flight Level 290 or 29000 feet. A Jet Engine aircraft is generally designed for flying at or above 36000 feet. So, while flying to India it had to burn much extra fuel.

“The Vistara aircraft is not on a scheduled flight but a ferry. They can operate to the capability of the aircraft and the qualification of the crew. Regulations applicable to Scheduled Transport flights are not applicable to ferry flights,” Ranganathan said.

Vistara Air is expecting the flying license in October.


Jobs for Pilots in Vistara Air

Jobs for Cabin Crew in Vistara Air

Jobs for Engineer 

Jobs for Technicians 

Jobs for Ground Staff 

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