VRL Airlines- Upcoming Air Carrier of India

VRL Airlines :

India’s renowned logistic group i.e. VRL Group, which was founded 40 years ago in Gadag in North Karnataka, is planning to start a regional airline (VRL Airlines) which will be Bangalore based. The company presently owns a fleet of 4,253 vehicles and caters to both the logistics and passenger service markets.

Vijay Sankeshwar, chairman of VRL Logistics, has finalized plans to start a regional air carrier from BENGALURU (VRL Airlines), which may result in the birth of a second airline from the city after the launch of the now-defunct Air Deccan 13 years ago.
Sankeshwar and his son Anand Sankeshwar will invest about Rs 1,300 crore in VRL Airlines over the next three years, putting in Rs 300 crore in equity and raising debt for the balance amount. They will run it independent of VRL Logistics.

This looks like a golden period of Aviation, so many airlines are starting. Many people who were unemployed over so many years,have already been absorbed in airlines.

For tapping a huge potential of air connectivity in India,Vijay Sankeshwar said he was looking at having a fleet of 8-10 aircraft and that he had not yet decided on the type of aircraft or pricing. “We are still working things out and have to get regulatory approvals. We have not yet started negotiation with manufacturers,” he said.

He said the opportunities in regional airlines are phenomenal and he is personally excited to be part of the fastest growing aviation market in the world. “My principles of cost focus and high utilization has made us a leader in domestic transport, which I think are key attributes to succeed in the aviation sector as well,” he said in the note on Tuesday.

Regional airlines are required to operate in small towns within one of the designated regions—north, south, west, east and the north-east. But they are not allowed to connect to more than one major city, except those licensed to fly in the southern region.

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