World’s Longest Flight by Emirates

World’s Longest Flight by Emirates :

UAE based Emirates Airlines will connect its hub in Dubai with Panama City on the World’s Longest Flight which is  non-stop . These two cities are more than 8,600 miles apart from each other, though diversions to avoid conflict zones in Iraq and Syria will increase the distance flown.

Emirates will use Boeing 777 aircraft t0 fly the length of the Mediterranean, then cross Spain and Portugal to reach the Atlantic – by which time it will not be even halfway through its flight. After the long ocean crossing, the aircraft will pass over Puerto Rico, and about 90 minutes later it will land at 4.40pm local time – in good time for a sundown cocktail overlooking the Pacific. But back in Dubai, where the flight began, it will be close to 2am the following day.

There’s time enough to take off from the Gulf, eat three meals, cross nine time zones, read an novel and still have a solid eight hours sleep before touching down beside the Pacific. When passengers emerge blearily from the aircraft, they will have been on board for almost 18 hours.

World’s Longest Flight : 18 Hours non stop

Emirates airlines is expecting to take premium traffic for its World’s Longest Flight from other airlines such as KLM and United, which currently link the two cities with connecting flights. The aviation analyst John Strickland said: “On ultra-long-haul flights, aircraft have to burn fuel to carry fuel, so airlines have to be careful in their selection of such routes and be confident they will get sufficient higher-fare business customers.” The personnel costs are also high, with four pilots and 14 cabin crew required for the trip alone.

Cost of Ticket on World’s Longest Flight :First Class return ticket is £6,762, five times the cheapest economy ticket.

The world’s longest flight now is a Qantas service from Dallas to Sydney that is only a few miles shorter than the Dubai-Panama link. An even longer flight, from New York to Singapore, ended in 2013 when high fuel prices made Singapore Airlines’ business-class only service unviable.

With much lower oil prices, carriers are again contemplating very long flights, raising the prospect of an express UK-Australia link. In 1989 Qantas flew a Boeing 747 non-stop from Heathrow to Sydney in 20 hours, but with no paying passengers on board. Since then aircraft technology has improved dramatically.

Virgin Atlantic’s new Boeing 787-9 is capable of flying 9,000 miles non-stop from London to Perth with a full load of passengers. It would cover the ground in about 17 hours, shaving two hours off the current fastest flight on Qatar Airways via Doha.

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