Cyclocopter might replace Helicopter in Future

Cyclocopter :





What is Cyclocopter ? : Cyclocopter is basically a aircraft cum helicopter .It has the capability of vertical take off and landing. It has cycloidal rotors which is similar to airfoils but it rotates around a horizontal axis for both lift and thrust. It can even hover over a certain place also. It is also known as Cyclogyro.


How Cyclocopter  works ?


working of cyclocopter

working of cyclocopter


The airfoils are in the shape of paddles.There are two mechanism for adjusting pitch of Cyclocopter i.e.  either by linking all the blades which is located eccentrically relative to axis of rotation of rotor( This is known as Collective method) or to adjust the individual blades for pitching which can be adjusted by using control mechanism around the axis of rotor.

For doing a forward flight , the airfoils are given positive pitch at the upper and forward portion of arc, this produces life and forward thrust.For changing or controlling the direction of Cyclogyro you need to adjust the pitch of airfoils. For turning the Cyclocopter you need to give differential thrust.


Benefits of Cyclocopter : It can do vertical take off and landing. It can generate more thrust as compared to helicopter for a certain amount of power.Since thrust can be adjusted more rapidly , it will definitely give better manoeuvrability.Jonathan Edward Caldwell was the first person who invented this thing in 1927 and he only coined this term.Innovative Aerodynamic Technologies has shown the 4 rotor cyclocopter during Par Air Show 2011.


Check out the video of Cyclogyro where the stability of the machine is shown by Seoul University Students . CLICK

The Cyclogyro is still in very early phase of development, but we can hope if it comes in practical utilization, it will definitely give a big impact in aviation industry.

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