DGCA Exam Portal-Pariksha

DGCA Exam Portal-Pariksha :


The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has been conducting examinations for issue/ extension of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) License, in accordance with Rule 61 of Indian Aircraft Rules 1937 and Flight Crew (FC)License, in accordance with Rule 41 and Schedule II of Indian Aircraft Rules 1937. The Central Examination Organization (CEO) of DGCA, located at R. K. Puram , New Delhi is responsible for conducting these examinations.

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DGCA Pariksha

DGCA Pariksha

Till date, all AME License examinations, as per CAR-66 were conducted online through a dedicated portal VIMAN and for the Flight Crew (Pilot), a few examinations were conducted onlinethrough a dedicated portal ‘UDAAN’ and the rest Technical/ FATA/ FDGE/ FE etc were conducted off-line i.e OMR based.

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Now a NEW combined portal ‘https://pariksha.dgca.gov.in’ has been developed with enhanced options e.g [ OTP based Mobile Number and Link based e-mail verification, Helpdesk, FAQ, Query/ Suggestions etc.],to cater to ALL examinations of CEO for (AME & Flight Crew). All these examinations will be conducted ONLINE, through this portal in a phased manner.

It has been decided to open this portal for Registration/ Allotment of Computer Number ofAME candidates w.e.f. 24/08/2018. The previous portal for AME Examination ‘VIMAN’ will not be functional. All the OLD candidates have to register in this new portal and the NEW candidates mayapply for ‘Allotment of Computer Number’.


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All the AME candidates are advised to look in to the ‘AME Notice Board’ of ‘pariksha.dgca.gov.in’ from time to time for any latest Instruction/ Notices/ Information related to AME Modular Examination.

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This new portal will be subsequently opened for registration/ allotment of Computer Number for Flight Crew candidates.

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