Helicopter Crash in India

Indian Air Force helicopter crash near Sitapur district in Lucknow.

7 people were dead in the helicopter crash. This was the advanced landing chopper 307 which was flying from Bareilly to Allahabad .

The district magistrate has confirmed that total seven persons died including Captain,Co-Pilot and five other passengers. Just after the impact entire chopper was under rage of fire and was completely burnt. After sometime fire tenders came to extinguish fire.

This helicopter crash happened in the evening when it lost contact with BKT ATC and Lucknow airport.It was being tracked by Delhi air force station. As per initial reports , it has shown that pilot tried to contact BKT atc for help before crashing.

This was the fourth crash which has happened in this week. This week is being considered as worst week of Indian Aviation. Earlier this week MH 370 of Malaysian Airlines was shot down over Ukraine, than one Trans Asian Aircraft crashed over Taiwan, and yesterday Air Algerie aircraft crashed over Mali.


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