The Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi has launched the mega campaign “ MAKE IN INDIA“. Prime Minister wants to create jobs across all sectors in order to increase the purchasing power of Indians.

Indian Aviation

Aviation Sector in India is the 9th largest market in the world and it is expected to be on number 3 by 2020. Total number of aircraft will be more than double by 2020 to 800 aircraft. Prime Minister wants everything to bear a tag of “MAKE IN INDIA”.

He has invited many investors and foreign companies to invest in India for “MAKE IN INDIA” campaign. Their are various reasons to invest in India :

  • Indian Aviation Market will be the 3rd largest aviation market in the World.
  • Indian Aviation is expecting  a investment of $ 12 Billion in coming years.
  • Indian Aviation Market is the fastest growing market in Aviation.
  • Total passenger traffic stood at 163.06 Million during 2013. India is one of the least penetrated air markets in the world with 0.04 trips per capita per annum as compared to 0.3 in China and more than 2 in the USA.
  • Indian aviation is experiencing dramatic growth across the board, from the emergence of LCC/new carriers to a growing middle class ready to travel by air as well as growth in business and leisure travel.
  • Large scale collaborations/M&A deals – Etihad Airways & Jet Airways; Tata Group & Singapore Airlines, Tata Group & AirAsia
  • India plans to increase the number of operational airports to 250 by the year 2030.
  • Greenfield airport at Navi Mumbai, Mopa (Goa) and some brownfield airports of Airports Authority of India (AAI) and 50 airports under the low cost model are to be developed all over the country, including under PPP.
  • India’s middle income population is expected to increase from 160 Million in 2011 to 267 Million by 2016.
  • Growth in aviation accentuating demand for MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) facilities.
  • 100% FDI is permitted for greenfield airport projects under the automatic route.
  • Up to 74% FDI is permitted for existing airport projects under the automatic route, above 74% and up to 100% permitted under government approval route.
  • Investments are subject to relevant regulations, approvals from DGCA and security and other conditions. Foreign airlines are also, henceforth, allowed to invest in the capital of Indian companies, operating scheduled and non-scheduled Air Transport Services, up to the limit of 49% of their paid-up capital. Investments will be subject to government route.
  • Up to 49% FDI is permitted in ground handling services under the automatic route. FDI above 49% and up to 74% is permitted under government approval route. 100% FDI permitted for NRIs.This will increase MAKE IN INDIA tag.
  • Up to 100% FDI is permitted in maintenance and repair organizations; flying training institutes; and technical training institutes under the automatic route.
  • The Airports Authority of India is responsible for developing, financing, operating, and maintaining all public sector airports. New airports are permitted under the Greenfield Airport Policy 2008. Investment in airports is encouraged under the Public Private Partnership Policy of the Government of India.
  • Regional Air Connectivity Policy offers attractive incentives in the form of exemption of landing, parking and navigation fees to airlines operating at designated airports in non-metro areas.


All these factors will definately make the campaign ” MAKE IN INDIA” very strong.


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