Pawan Hans Geared Up for Regional Airlines

Pawan Hans Geared Up for Regional Airlines :

Pawan Hans is all set to launch a regional airline with Fixed wing aircraft including seaplanes. Pawan Hans is currently planning for IPO next year.

This will create hundreds of Jobs for Pilots,AME and other aviation staff.

Pawan Hans is also finalizing a plan to consolidate its market position with a fleet of 100 aircraft — helicopters and fixed wing aircraft — by 2027.

Chairman BP Sharma, “Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services and development of helipads and heliports are some areas where Pawann Hans is aiming to enter as part of its diversification push”.

The new civil aviation policy proposed by the government seeks affordable air connectivity to small cities and towns. Under the plan, fares will be set at Rs 2,500 per hour or flight, and the rest will be funded through a subsidy. Pawan Hans plans to take on lease three aircraft with around 18-20 seats to operate on the regional routes that will attract the government subsidy.

Pawan Hans currently has 43 helicopters and plans to acquire 58 more by 2027. During the same time, it will also dispose of 26 helicopters. “The finalisation of the business plan to make Pawan Hans a 100 aircraft operator by 2027 is in the final stages,” added Sharma.

Pawan Has is constructing the country’s first heliport at Rohini in northwest Delhi that is likely to be operationalised by the end of this month.

Air Ambulance Services

“We are working to develop four heli-hubs along with the concept lines of the airporthubs. These heli-hubs will be a one-point solution for the helicopter business and will act as a helipad or heliport for public passenger services, MRO facility for helicopter maintenance and also as a skill development centre for training of pilots, AMEs (aircraft maintenance engineers) and technicians,” said Sharma.

Pawan Hans

Pawan Hans


The Rohini heliport will consist of a terminal building with capacity for 150 passengers, four hangers with parking capacities for 16 helicopters and nine parking bays.
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