How to prepare for INDIGO CASS

CASS (Crew Assessment and Selection System) is the 2nd Stage of Indigo’s Exam. Everybody gets very curious about CASS. Once you clear your Stage 1, Indigo gives you a booklet in softcopy about CASS. It is conducted by CAE.

The CASS is general assessment of candidate’s personality.In this stage candidates has to go through series of  Tests.It can consists of psycho-motor capability test,  tests involving basic  flying skills , Test based on the pilot’s abilities to do multitasking and process information in a stressful environment.

CASS exam consists of following stages:

a) Online Questionnaire:-  This part is to judge personality of a pilot.It consists of more than two hundred questions .

Our Tips for CASS  which is a key point :- “Be Honest “ while answering question related to Personality.

b) Structured Interview – Non-formal Interview of 20 to 30 min with CAE panelist. No technical knowledge is tested in this part.

c) Physical Task  is of roughly around 1 hour 15 minutes.This  task basically evaluates candidate’s  basic  flying skills , multitasking abilities and  information  processing in a stressful environment. The Physical Task has following sub-parts :

i) Cognitive : Practice at answering psychometric questions.

ii) Familiarisation 1 :  Practice flight simulator and joystick/throttle.

iii)Familiarisation 2 :  Practice flight simulator and map screen.

iv) Mission 1 : Flying Simulator and Answering Questions.

v) Mission 2 : Similar to Mission 1 with some extra tasks


indigo CAss

Indigo CASS

***Note Point : Physical Task Stage is Video – Recorded.

d) De – Briefing about the entire CASS.


Check out the VIDEO of CASS


Once you clear this part, The third stage consists of GD.

You can take advises and tips at this no : 9811962732.

Best of Luck . I hope it will definitely help you in better understanding about CASS and process about Indigo’s recruitment process. For more enquiries about current program’s of CAE  CLICK

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