Unemployed CPL Holders

After spending more than 45000USD, around 5 thousand  CPL holders are unemployed and other 2000 in pipeline. Due to strategies of DGCA and lack of planning ,several guys are in worst situations. With a huge burden of bank loan and unavailability of proper job, aviation is becoming like iron nuts. Its very difficult to handle the situation for the students as well as their parents equally. Two type of problems are there which ,unemployed CPL holders and their families are facing i.e. financial and social.
According to a report, around 600 pilots who have done type rating of either Boeing or Airbus are sitting idle due to unavailability of jobs.

As most of the people have done their pilot training after 10+2, they are facing a serious problem as no proper jobs are there for mere 10+2 guys.Even those who has graduation are struggling for their livelihood. Most of the pilots are working in call centers or other small jobs, by which they are actually unable to live freely.

On the other side, most of the private airlines are taking the advantage of the situation by charging Rs20,000 just for the exam,which is non refundable. Even after charging that much,people are not getting calls for their exams. Only handful of students are getting selected, which have approach and money power.


  1. By Prashant Dhayare

  2. By Sagar

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