Indian Air Force helicopter crash near Sitapur district in Lucknow. 7 people were dead in the helicopter crash. This was the advanced landing chopper 307 which was flying from Bareilly to Allahabad . The district magistrate has confirmed that total seven persons died including Captain,Co-Pilot and five other passengers. Just after the impact entire chopper was under rage of fire and was completely burnt. After sometime fire tenders came to extinguish fire. This helicopter crash happened in the evening when it lost contact with BKT ATC and Lucknow airport.It was being tracked by Delhi ai...
Bombardier, which is one of the biggest aviation company has announced job cut of 1800 employees world wide.Bombardier is the only company in the world which manufactures both aircraft and trains. Pierre Beaudoin, the President and Chief Executive officer of company said " This marks another step in Bombardier evolution". This step was taken to reduce extra cost and overheads. The company wish to focus on growth and this step will give more flexibility and agility for addressing customer needs. This company is making C Series aircraft and has got less demand as per they anticipated. The a...
For the first time in the history of aviation, three major air crash have occurred in a week. On Thursday morning ,an aircraft of Air Algerie flying with 116 persons crashed over Mali due a major rainstorm. The aircraft which suffered air crash was operated by Air Algerie and SwiftAir was the owner of the aircraft. It took off from Burkina Faso’s capital of Ouagadougou towards Algiers and disappeared from Radar within an hour.After sometime only,it was declared that air crash has occurred on that flight. The aircraft was MD-83 and it was found in a remote place around 50 kms from Burk...
There are many Upcoming Aviation Events across the world. On Aviatorflight you will find the most updated and authentic information.All news about upcoming aviation events are blogged here. There are various Air Shows, Aviation Meet Ups ,Seminars & other aviation events which are going to happen in upcoming month. The main aviation events are as follows :   1. BIRD STRIKE COMMITTEE MEETING      11 August ,2014      Atlanta 2.EMBRY-RIDDLE UAS WORKSHOP    21 Aug,2014 at Dayton 3.IS-BAH Workshop      27 Aug,2014 at Paris 4.Pan American Aviat...
On the 25th Anniversary of World Airport Awards by SKYTRAX , Shenzhen Bao'an Int'l Airport of China has been awarded as World's Most Improved Airport of 2014. Four Chinese Airports out of Ten Airports have been awarded as Best Improved Airports. Following are the awards which were announced during the Awards Ceremony :   WORLD'S BEST AIRPORTS                                             : Changi Airport, Singapore WORLD'S BEST AIRPORT TERMINAL                   :Tokyo International Airport Haneda WORLD'S BEST PREMIUM SERVICE AIRPORT :Doha Interna...

A new airline is going to be launched in India by the name of VOLK AIRLINES. The company will be having flight to Delhi,Chennai,Guwahati,Impal,Mumbai etc total 15 destinations. They will be using A-320 aircrafts on these routes.

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