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All of us might have faced the situation where we got stuck somewhere or the other. At that moment it is very important that we should get the right guidance. The person who receives the proper advice and guidance are always thankful to that person. I personally have faced lot of places where I found myself stuck & person who helped me during those times are like Godfather to me.

I also request you to take some time out of your schedule and share information with your fellow mates. Your information could be a great help to the person in need.

“A candle loses nothing when it lights another candle.”

Presently Aviatorflight has 2000 views everyday from viewers across the world and it is continuously increasing ..!!!  Most of the articles which are there on the website have got very good ranking with Google.

Writing has got lot of benefits. It keeps you updated with the lasted information, whatever topic you write on, even during research you will get to know more things in detail.

A information gathered is always utilized somewhere in your life. 


Benefits of Writing :

  1. Your articles will remain available online 24*7 for all viewers across the world.
  2. It will improve your name ranking on Google.
  3. Get paid Rs 100 for every article you write.


Terms & Conditions :

Posting Guidelines…

* Always provide as much as photo,videos,example,links you can!


  • Photos – A picture is worth 500 words
  • Videos – Its easy to understand from videos
  • Examples – Demonstration is needed for better understanding.
  • Links – When all above fails  links can be your final attempt to save your image .

2. Do not steal

So always request resources which you use  in your posts! Duplication of article may lead a contributor to loose his membership with aviatorflight!

.. why ?

Google is able to detect duplication of  content and also can recognise which one is original! So that may lead to blacklisting of aviatorflight!

3. Optimal formatting!

Do formatting wisely!

Format as per demand! Here are some example of common demands….

  • Headings/subheading can go in bold.
  • Write commands in bold/italics.
  • You can insert hyperlinks

Key to remember…

  • Summary Writing

If you are writing a bigger post  its good to end that with summary saying…

  • Links
  • Summary
  • Resources
  • References

  • You are supposed to follow these posting guidelines.
  • To avoid copyright violation, each new member will get a role of Contributor – Somebody who can write and manage their posts but not publish posts.

Suggested topics :


  • Reviews and user experiences on :
    • Airlines
    • Lounges
    • Airports
    • Frequent flyer programs
    • Aviation related credit card programmes
  • Comparisons between airlines, lounges, airports, FFPs, etc.
  • How to renew various licenses,medical etc and other DGCA related tasks.
  • Tips of how to obtain low fares
  • Indian Aviation News
  • Tips on how to obtain preferred or elite flyer status on frequent flyer programs
  • Insider information on airport or airline operations (industry or government insiders welcome)
  • Other insider passenger tips
  • Reference articles on airports, aircraft, and  various airlines.


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