Flying Car is the Future of personal transportation

Flying Car :The Transition

Everyone one of us has stuck in traffic for hours and have wasted our precious time on road due to jams. From last hundred years, there has been a significant change in the design of cars but it was limited to speed,performance,aerodynamics etc, howevert we havn’t seen any great innovation. Flying car is the future of personal transportation.


flying car

flying car

future car 2 copy Flying Car future copy



Aircraft have changed our life. We can commute from one city to another city, one country to another country very easily. It is very comfortable and convenient. However you need to fly as per flight schedule of airline and have to wait in long queue at the airport. However personal business jet is another choice, but it is very expensive and is limited to few people. For transportation personal car is a good option but if you wish to travel a far city it is very slow and dangerous.On an average every commuter spends around 7 hours a week in traffic jams.Flying car is the solution to all our needs.

Flying car is the new dimension in technology. Flying Car has immense potential. Terrafugia ,a flying car has recorded a successful test flight also. While standing in traffic jams, all of us must have thought about “If we could fly our cars in sky”- Our heart and necessity asked in such a great way that this flying car will be available soon. You can reserve a flying car now.

Specifications of Flying Car It is made up of carbon fibre with glass cockpit avionics. A steering wheel and accelerator is used to drive on ground, whereas stick and rudder pedal will be utilized while flying.  It uses normal petrol for its engine. Other specifications are as follows :

Fuel efficiency on road : 6.7 Litre for 100 Kms

Fuel efficiency in air :18.9 Litre /Hr

Fuel Capacity :87 Litre ( 23 Gal)

Speed in Air :160 Km/Hr ( 100 Mph)

Take off Roll :1700 Feet ( 518 mtr)

Weight : 227Kgs (500 lbs)

Seating Capacity : 02 passenger


Other Features :

  • Rear Wheel Drive on Road
  • No Hanger Needed. It can fit inside any regular car garage.
  • Automated transition from aircraft to car.
  • Cargo Section
  • Parachute for full vehicle
  • Automated Crash Safety Feature
  • Airbags
  • Wingspan-8 Mtr
  • Price of Flying Car- $ 2,79,000/- ( Rs1,75,77,000 ) 1.75 Cr INR
tfx v03 silver onGray 10


tfx v03 silver onGrayFlying 01




Credits : Terrafugia

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