Press Conference on risk to Civil Aviation by ICAO

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO ) is organizing a very important press conference on risk to Civil Aviation.  This is with reference to MH-17 which was shot down by rebels over Ukraine. All 295 souls on board was killed.

The meeting and press conference will be between Director General of IATA (International Air Transport Association), Airport Council International ( AIC ) & CANSO ( Civil Air Navigation Services Organization).

They will be discussing the actions which should be taken in order to effectively eliminate potential risks civil aviation which arises from conflict zone.

This meeting is happening on 29th July ,2014 at ICAO,999 University. Following people will be attending the meeting.

Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu, President of the ICAO Council

Jeff Poole, CANSO Director General

Raymond Benjamin, ICAO Secretary General

Tony Tyler, IATA Director General and CEO

Angela Gittens, ACI Director General

There are 191 signatory states with International Civil Aviation Organization. ICAO has issued a letter to all nations which says “The ICAO State Letter further highlights that the obligations of States should not be confused with safety information circulated from time to time by ICAO when potential hazards to civil aviation operations are brought to the attention of the Organization. It also draws the attention on the need for the appropriate authorities to consider and mitigate the safety risk and potential congestion consequences in the event that operators decide to circumnavigate various airspaces affected by conflict.”

After the incident of MH-17 ,the organization has coordinated with United Nations Security Council for sending the experts for assisting the accident investigation.

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